Saturday, October 2, 2010

My awesome week.

Here's a short recap.
  • My friends Baudin and Graham played didgeridoos outside for about an hour, with Michael on the bongos. My friend Kyle would occasionally punctuate it with a blast from his vuvuzela. They had a big box labeled "Put $$$ in here!" and Baudin would yell out MONEY at random moments while still keeping rhythm on his didg. They made almost THREE dollars. Holy shit.
  • Watched Black Dynamite.
  • Me and my loveliest Jody made it to eight months! Fuck yeah!
  • We had HOURS of cuddling that day!!
  • We piled eight people into Tucker, Baudin's SUV. Start driving, see tons of balloons on the road. Shove about twenty balloons into the car with us.
  • Go to Waffle House. The chef called me a boy on accident (I'm not exactly androgynous, pretty obviously a girl) and I got a free waffle. Hells yeah.
  • My new friend Ben from history gave me a bag of generic Fruity Pebbles. Shit yeah.
I went to go see a comedy improv troupe called the Stagemonkeys. Here's some of the highlights:
  • Walked out to go to restroom, walk back in and everybody is singing I'll Make A Man Out of You from Mulan. EVERYBODY. And other Disney tunes apparently while I was gone. MLIA worthy.
  • They ask a suggestion for a scene. Somebody says "the maid puts a baby in the microwave." They act it out.
  • Three scenes have this ongoing joke.
  • "Give us a movie that's coming out" "Rocky Balboa in Grease!" my contribution. They acted it out. Fucking win.
  • They had a scene that took place on the Titanic. They had a mat and a bucket of water. At least one team member had to have their head in the bucket at all times. Hold your head under as long as you can, then switch off.
  • The finale: mousetraps. DOZENS of them. Then they blindfolded the participants. What were the audience suggestions? Breakdancing battle. As Mario and Luigi.