Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet, sweet mystery

Well I certainly haven't accomplished much in my life. I'm sure my posts are extremely boring. Well, I managed to drop Arabic class because I missed it twice in one week. I also didn't do three weeks worth of homework today.

And I managed to get invited to a (male) gay club, as a female with a boyfriend. Woot.

On to the story--I've recently joined a theatre fraternity called Alpha Psi Omega, APO, and part of their process for pledges is that they assign you a "Big" as in Big Sister/Little Sister Big bro/little etc.

Well here they have a "callboard" which for all you non-theatre kids is pretty much the facebook of the entire dept.--any relevant information will be there.

Well I missed a pledge party because the person never messaged me back that in charge of it. I go to check the callboard after having not for several weeks, and see a picture of Severus Snape from the Potter Puppet Pals. What was my surprise? A six pack of glass bottle IBC root beer and a large packet of Twix. It was kickass. I thanked them.

The next day there was a message asking me my favorite character from George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.Of course, I said Sandor Clegane, in a note I wrote and posted back on the board. I also asked my Big for his/her number, and some more information. Then I found this posted yesterday:

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For those of you that don't know, that is the house sigil of Sandor Clegane. The art on the dogs isn't so impressive, but it's been a long time since I've had anything nearly so amusing happen.

Arya Stark is another character. I highly recommend the series. This was just some of the (somewhat) interesting goings-on of my life today. happy to share. I'll try to include more pictures/interesting/random info in upcoming posts. I really am very happy to all of my followers, thank you all. Feel free to leave feedback and share your random stories.


  1. The Potter Puppet Pals Snake is such a character :D

  2. Don't drop Arabic class. Language classes are cool, well, much better than Math ^_^ I'm having Psychology and I love it, I used to have English and it was much easier than the classes I'm having now. Don't drop, dude. and Don't worry about nothing, just let the things happen, I like to read your stuff, but there are priorities, sex and money ^_^

  3. A 'male' gay club? They have those now?

  4. Hahahaha, love the Severas Snape drawing... Really gets the feeling across exactly like how I'd imagine him reading the books... Also, on more serious note, don't listen to Gansita... Math > all other subjects!

  5. Gay bars are the best! Everyone is so relaxed! Hell, half of them are usually in their underwear, lol!

  6. cool drawins, but dayum - arabic class? sounds hard

  7. nice... arabic class sounds pretty interesting i wanna learn another language...

  8. That's pretty nifty!
    All secret and stuff until October!
    Fun fun!

  9. just following and supporting a fellow blogger

  10. You're blog title is hilarious and that story was great.