Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bullshit: the awesome kind.

I'm disappointed that my page impressions were previously 1337, and now they're 1437. Way to suck, page impressions, way to suck.

So I have a way of not being productive in the ways that the average person/society thinks that you should be, but productive in ways I enjoy being.

I have an 8 am class, which for a lot of us late-nite interweb surfers means you'll fall asleep. Long story short come exam time (tomorrow) I was missing a lot of notes. I woke up promptly at 11:45 (I don't need your judgement) and went to go copy notes from some uber-short, annoying ginger girl from my world civ class. (When I first met her she was talking about LARPing and roleplaying, and I'm like, "Awesome!" And then she didn't stop talking. For twenty minutes. It was terrible.) She proceeded to spend a good portion of me being her room copying notes singing to Avenged Sevenfold (she has one of those good voices that tries too hard so they sound like they're trying to be an opera singer when they're not) and talking about some initiation for a sorority she got into.

Anyways, copy some of the notes, go and eat, go copy the other parts of the notes I was missing (and I'm still missing one section) from someone else, and they'd get my parts. But my friend can't read my handwriting (for a girl, I have terrrible handwriting) and so I go to my room, type up his parts, send them to him, then type the rest of his cause I was too lazy to write and then brought him the notes.

Now I was going to crochet a Hufflepuff scarf for my "Big" (see the posts with Severus Snape for more info on this) and had a lot of work to do. So I started crocheting. Then ran into my bf while walking back from dropping off notes,, we end up hanging out and got...distracted. Then I had a study session from 8-11 that the school offers.

I go there, bring my crochet stuff just in case, and lo and behold it's boring and shit and I can't focus. So I pull out my yarn and begin crocheting (I just taught myself last week how to) and have a decent chunk going on my halfway-finished piece. So I find out it's much easier to listen if I'm doing something rote and mechanic.

I need to switch colors (the scarf is striped gold and black, of course) but I didn't bring my scissors. So I ask somebody if I can copy the notes I'm missing, do that, and get the hell out of there.

Talk to my sister for 45 minutes about how my older brother's inability to connect with me may or may not be splintering the whole sibling dynamic (big family, 4 siblings and me) and other things.

Go get a pizza. Manage to ride a bike while holding a pizza. Feel accomplished. Type up notes. Send them to Kyle. Take picture of the map of the different civilizations we're studying, send that to him as well.

Go into bathroom. Sit on toilet from peeing, type this blog still sitting on the toilet even though I've long since been finished.

So, tl;dr
Lazy at some stuff, weird productive at others
-still haven't finished studying when I've known about the test for a week -con
-do some very extraneous work to get all of the necessary notes -pro
-manage to both crochet a scarf and listen to work at the same time -fuck yeah pro
-some other bullshit- pro and con respectively.

so I can get a lot of stuff done very well, just not what people might traditionally think of as necessary. Well I'm happy after days like this.


  1. Sounds like an eventful day! Good luck on your exam tomorrow.

  2. Post the scarf once you finish it!

  3. Mission accomplished! I also tend to spend more time on the toilet than needed while blogging.

  4. Being lazy and not being lazy at the same time is an art.