Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Awkward roommate moments

-When she walks in and I'm still in the same spot she left me four hours ago--on my computer without pants where I was when I woke up.
-When I'm pooping in the bathroom and I hear it make a realllyyy loud plunk and I'm afraid she can hear it.
-When her side of the room is extremely tidy and mine looked like a laundromat threw up under my bed.
-When she yells at her boyfriend on the phone in front of me.
-When she yells at her boyfriend in front of my company.
-When she has her annoying friends over twenty times a day and they ask me inane questions. "What's thrift shopping?" "OMG, what's that on your face?!" (It's a microdermal, for those of you that ask.)
-That one day they spent about ten minutes asking me if I had heard of a million different shitty pop bands because I hadn't heard of one artist and didn't listen to Kesha or Lil Wayne, who will forever be Weezy to me, goddamnit. And no, they didn't know what the hell Primordial was, or hardstyle.
-When I've been using her toilet paper for about three months without buying any.
-Start video on laptop, forget to check sound--either screaming death metal, Onision or pornography sounds blast out. Hope I didn't wake her.
-That one night out of the entire time I've been here I ask her if me and my boyfriend can have the room alone, and she asks us how much time we'll need.
-When all of the girls on my floor have a get together in the lounge directly across from my room during this time and I'm secretly afraid they can all hear us.
-When she has a tv she doesn't watch blaring, her music on loud (soooo much Kesha) and I have to ask her to be quiet.
-Massive amounts of passive aggression.

I'm aware a lot of this is because of me (like keeping a messy room) but she's always extremely loud and on the phone at all hours with her laptop music, phone and tv on, she has people over at all hours of the day when I rarely entertain in side my dorm, so I consider us even. Maybe not the best living arrangement, but a passable one.

Do you have any awkward roommate moments/stories?


  1. Hahahah some of these are really funny! I love awkward moments! :)

  2. these are hilarious. post more please:)

  3. I live alone so I don't have to worry about disturbing others :) Well except my neighbors.

  4. You seem to balance each other out quite nicely :)

  5. -When she yells at her boyfriend on the phone in front of me.
    -When she yells at her boyfriend in front of my company.

    god I fucking HATE when people do this shit

  6. Life would be better if we stop thinking so much, so, what about instead of watching what she's doing, why you don't join her without thinking nothing else than what are you feeling in that moment, I mean, just remember when you were a little kid and everything was real, because it's a new world and you can't stop watching and discovering... just try it, feels good man... XD

  7. that's why I don't have a roommate... living alone ftw