Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well this black background is just terrible formatting, isn't it? I do hope this isn't too hard to read.

I'll skip the introductions, as I don't find them necessary. Anything you wish to know about me (or any judgments you wish to make) you can deduce purely from my writing.

And if not, well you're not a terribly clever character, are you? Please don't think I'm spiteful or insulting. Anything but. I merely make truthful observations. Whether or not I laugh at said observations is irrelevant.

I find it funny that I keep a written diary but also write in here. I'm not exactly sure how my writings will be different, or if I'll do what I thought I might and just copy all of my diary entries into here. That sounds unnecessary and arduous.

I start college in approximately three weeks, classes in four. I'm not really worried or anything. it's all vaguely numb so I'm not entirely sure how I'm feeling. I'm getting a lot of that terrible sinking feeling right now that I often do when things don't feel real.

I've always felt life was like a dream, as in it had that vague dreamy feeling (vague twice in two paragraphs...woot) and I doubt the existence of life as we know it at times.

Yeah yeah, dementia etc. But that's besides the point.

I think life would be more interesting if everything suddenly started working off of Mario physics. Hypothetically it could. Most things are possible hypothetically. I know that's a very general statement without any worth behind it; however, I'm very interested in thinking of things that very likely could be.

I have a strong urge to cut my hair. Something choppier or more edgy for school.

It's very hard to keep the curly pinup-y look while still having an edge to it. I could go psychobilly, but I'm very much out of the mohawk/fauhawk phase that struck me my softmore year of high school.

Though I would love having very high liberty spikes for at least one point in my life.

I'm highly debating whether or not to get piercings. I can't seem to decide whether or not it's worth it.

If I do get them, I'd be getting an antieyebrow below my left eye, and an eyebrow on my right. Frame my eyes, all that good jazz.

Of course, I'd very much love to have a large number of clothes. If I get a piercing, I either have to give up my entertainment money for a month, or my clothing money. It's not an easy decision to make. Of course depending on how well I spend my startup money for school, I could very well get enough clothes to last me for six weeks, insofar as much I won't feel the strong urge to buy more.

Luckily I have time to decide. I think I had better go back to the real world now.


  1. I would advise staying away from liberty spikes for a while. Its tough to make quality new friends with such hair. Its normally the gothic style kids that hang around malls and do ecstasy that are into that kind of a thing. Make some new friends, then go for it haha.

  2. So how different is your blog to your diary? Are there limits to what you're willing to write about in your blog? Just asking :)